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See the date as well as the time in the tray clock in a way you want
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29 June 2009

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You must be feeling monotonous and bored by looking at the same old default clock of your Windows system? Every time when you want to know the current date or view months you have to place the mouse over the time, or click and browse through different months one by one. Well, how about customizing the way your Windows shows the time and date? This can easily be done by installing an easy to operate utility named as 1st Clock Classic 4.0. After installation, the program displays time as well as date over the system tray area, along with which you can even access easily scrollable 2 months calendar view by a simple click. It even lets you determine what supported items you want to be displayed within clock area, and allows customizing color, font, size, and background.

The 1st Clock Classic places time and date at the system tray, clicking on which you can also access the calendar view for one or two months, as required. The clock display can be altered by changing the skin and customizing different attributes. The calendar feature utility associated with clock program even lets you calculate the difference between any dates. Further, it also includes the feature to set reminders, in order to help you remember your tasks and other events. When you place your mouse over the tray clock, it would present the reminder along with the time of your selected zones. Also, if you want the clock to be placed somewhere else over your desktop, you can easily move it to the desired position. The utility allows copying date and time to clipboard and shows swatch internet time. In addition to its easy manageability and functions to shows time, date, calendar view, the clock tool also provides CPU, memory, and your PC performance statistics.

1st Clock Classic 4.0 utility presents a beautiful looking clock for your PC’s system tray along with different other features associated. The program justifiably deserves to be rated with 3.5 points for its stylish tool-set and its overall optimum functioning.

Publisher's description

See the date as well as the time in your tray clock. Find today's date with a glance! Specify what and how to display in the clock area, select any color, size, font and background. Monitor computer's CPU and memory performance and load.
Click the clock once to open 1- or 2-months calendar view. Find the difference between dates.
Check the time in selected time zones. Copy date and time to the clipboard.
1st Clock is fully compatible with Windows Vista and supports both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows.
1st Clock Classic
1st Clock Classic
Version 4.0
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